McLaren’s entry-level model will have 444 bhp

Details are starting to emerge about McLaren’s upcoming entry-level model codenamed P13 which will be introduced to the market sometime in 2015. Based on preliminary information, the car will have a starting price of approximately 120,000 pounds and will borrow the carbon fiber chassis from its two larger and more expensive siblings, the 12C and P1. The sketch published here is the work of Autovisie based on a drawing made by Frank Stephenson who is McLaren’s design chief. Overall, the car looks like a shrunken P1 which isn’t necessarily that bad but some of you were hoping for more originality.

McLaren P13 design sketch

At its heart and soul will be the same twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 engine but it will be detuned to around 444 bhp. McLaren is already planning a Spider version with a hard top programmed to come out in 2016.


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