Mercedes V-Class upgraded by VATH

The German aftermarket specialists at VATH have focused their attention towards the stylish Mercedes V-Class. They took a V250 CDI model and installed a custom set of one-piece black 20-inch rims shod in 265/30 R20 tires which can be had as a full wheel + tire set for €2,975. In addition, there’s a set of lowering springs available for €566.20 that reduce the people carrier’s ride height by 25 mm and make it look more aggressive even though the vehicle was primarily made to carry people, not take down records around the Nürburgring.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class by VATH
Mercedes-Benz V-Class by VATH

Most of the work has been done in the engine department where VATH has installed a chip tuning module on this Mercedes V-Class, thus managing to increase output of the turbodiesel engine from the standard 190 PS and 440 Nm to a grand total of 225 PS and 500 Nm. They are asking €1,011.50 for this power hike, but they don’t say to what extend the additional oomph improves the car’s performances and whether it has a negative effect on the fuel consumption.
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As a final touch, the Mercedes V-Class modified by VATH can also be equipped with an optional set of side running boards priced at €629 which grant an easier entrance inside the posh cabin.

Source: VATH


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