Porsche 911 Stinger GTR Carbon Edition by TOPCAR unveiled

The aftermarket specialists from TOPCAR are introducing their Stinger GTR Carbon Edition of the Porsche 911. As the name suggests, they have developed a full carbon fiber body consisting of 24 components which have replaced 90% of the standard body panels. This particular car is based on the 911 Turbo S (991) and this custom kit is €15,000 pricier than the tuner’s regular Stinger GTR package which costs €49,080. On top of this sum, you will have to spend an extra €10,000 for installation so at the end of the day a fully customized 911 Turbo S by TOPCAR costs €290,000.

Porsche 911 Stinger GTR Carbon Edition by TOPCAR
Porsche 911 Stinger GTR Carbon Edition by TOPCAR

Aside from receiving a new carbon fiber body kit, this car also gained a set of custom ADV.1 wheels along with a bunch of real gold accents spread throughout the cabin. Also inside, TOPCAR applied a combination of leather and Alcantara to make the cabin even more upmarket, although not a lot people will like the gold accents on the pedal set as this is a bit too flashy for our tastes.
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There aren’t any upgrades in the engine department so this Porsche 911 Turbo S Stinger GTR Carbon Edition comes with the same 6-cylinder, 3.8-liter turbo engine pushing out 560 PS (412 kW).

Source: TOPCAR

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