The Most Commonly Replaced Parts – And How To Save Money On Them

Driving a car requires that you pay close attention to what is going on inside the vehicle at all times. After all, one of the most important features of all is safety, and you can only guarantee safety if you are sure that all the parts are in fully working order at any one time. It helps to know which the most often replaced parts are, as this will help in deciding what to keep a particular eye on at any one time. With that in mind, we have put together this short list on which the most often replaced items are. Knowing this can help you hugely, so it is worth taking a close look for future reference.

Piston King Motor Oil-1Replaced Parts

Oil Filter

The oil filter is an important part of the way the vehicle works, as without it the engine could easily overheat from even the slightest effort. It is so much a central part of the car that it just so happens to be the most commonly replaced part in any car. This is true no matter what you drive, so it is wise to always pay attention to how the oil filter is doing. The received advice is usually to check your oil every six weeks at least. At the same time, you should check the filter itself, and if there is any sign of significant dilapidation, you should seek to replace the entire thing immediately. Fortunately, owing to its commonality, this is one of the cheaper items you can possibly replace, so you shouldn’t have any troubles on the financial front here. Except to say that if you keep on top of your oil changes, you won’t have to change the filter quite as often, thus saving a little money.


The wheels being the only part of the car that ever touch the ground, they are obviously hugely important. We all know that a great way to keep wear and tear down is to make sure that the tyre pressure is always kept to a good level – but that is not all. You also need to think about the rims, as these can suffer damage from the road and cause further problems for the car if left unattended. You should check your rims as you check the tyres, every few weeks, and go and find some rims for sale if they need replacing. Don’t delay, as you might cause some serious ongoing problems if you do.

Brake Pads

Not being able to properly brake the car is something of a nightmare scenario, isn’t it? If you want to avoid this, and who doesn’t, then you should seriously consider staying on top of the brake pads’ health. These are the third most commonly replaced parts of any car, so that should give you some idea of how frequently you need to check them. Ultimately, this is just a matter of keeping an eye out for any unwarranted and unwanted signs that something is going wrong. If you start to notice that you have to really pump the brake to the floor before the car begins to slow, then that is a clear – and worrying – sign. Similarly, a screeching noise should never be ignored for long, as this means they are about to give out.

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