Toyota launches 2015 Sienta minivan in Japan

Toyota has taken the wraps off the 2015 Sienta minivan for the Japanese market. They went for a sporty look since they believe the usual crop of minivans are “useful but boring” as well as “good for school runs, but not much else” whereas the new Sienta is a more versatile product. Toyota promises the second generation of the model has been overhauled and gets its inspiration from trekking shoes. It has received a long 3.3-meter sliding door granting access inside the cabin where there are three rows of seats along with a driver-oriented dashboard.

2015 Toyota Sienta
2015 Toyota Sienta

Upon launch it will be available with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine which in the front-wheel drive model delivers 109 PS (80 kW) while in the AWD model pumps out 103 PS (76 kW). There’s also a more frugal hybrid version which combines a combustion engine producing 74 PS (54 kW) with an electric motor to grant the 2015 Sienta minivan with a combined output of 100 PS (73 kW).

It comes with an assortment of safety and assistance systems like lane departure alert, automatic high beam and a pre-collision system which uses a camera and a laser radar to detect the objects which are up ahead. There are also two wheelchair-adapted variants with a rear air suspension allowing the vehicle to be lowered to create a ramp angle of 9.5 degrees.
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Source: Toyota

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