Chevy Sonic RS to be released in 2013

The Chevy Sonic RS is a new type of car that is bound to be shown in showrooms in 2012 and released in 2013. This is a miraculous car that has been newly designed to fit the driver’s needs. The price of this car has not been announced yet, but it is bound to range around a beginning price of $14,495.

This car has been on the minds of buyers lately and the colors that it will be sold in have been announced and they are Summit White, Cyber Gray, Metallic, and Black Granite Metallic.The Sonic RS has become famous because of its 1.8L turbo engine that works at 138 horsepower. It makes the driver feel like they are in ultimate control over this high powered vehicle.

The RS Sonic has four wheel disc brakes and an anti lock braking system that helps in balancing braking, depending on the weather conditions and the load of passengers in the car. It is also equipped with a great electric power steering system that constantly amends the interaction of the system with the steering gear to guarantee exact steering action over the system.

Chevrolet Sonic RS interior

The interior feature of the Chevy Sonic RS include nice front sport seats, sport steering wheel with a thick rim, sport pedals made of aluminum, and panel cluster graphics. The Chevy Sonic RS has a seventeen inch rubber and a low suspension, which makes this car a great drive. This car is the only Sonic that will have four-wheel discs that will allow electronic brake distribution. Sonic RS is a true performance car that has firm seats that provide great support to the driver and make the ride a comfy one. This car has a touch screen XM satellite radio that allows the individual to listen to music and even get navigation directions from their smart phone. When the vehicle is not in motion the individual can also add things like videos and albums to the touch screen from their electronic devices.

Chevy Sonic RS back

The Chevy Sonic RS has a 1.8L engine that allows manually automated transmissions. The standard electric power steering allows the car to maintain stability at all times. This car is known to have great cargo capacity and is quite roomy. There is also the great function air bags and anti lock brakes that help out in automatic crash response situations. The 2013 Chevy Sonic RS is seriously of the best cars that will come out in the year 2013. This car has a sporty design that allows the driver to travel in stylish manner and have a great ride. Those that are looking to purchase this car are in for a great deal because this car is affordable and has an amazing interior and a great exterior also. Those that will be driving this new car will be the envy of everyone on the road. This is a car that is one of a kind and is designed for those that want a car that is chic and trendy.

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