Driving Myths You Don’t Want To Miss!

The roads are filled with people who claim they know everything about vehicles and driving. But do they really? Actually, there a quite a few driving myths that an astounding number of people believe. In fact, more people believe these things are facts than those who think Nessie is real! Have you got all your facts straight or is there still a lot you need to learn?


It’s Not My Fault I Failed, There’s A Quota

We think this one started with someone who couldn’t face the fact they failed their driving test. So, they conceived the idea that invigilators have a quota they need to fill. It’s not the only mythical quota out there. There’s plenty of people who believe cops have to stop a certain number of people on the road each day. Believe us, there’s enough out there breaking the law without them having to stop innocent drivers. The point is there’s no quota in either case. Or at least, no evidence suggests this is how the driving test works, and until it does, it’s best to assume otherwise. If you’re worried about passing there are plenty of ways to prepare, like taking quizzes. You can find out about the mpi quiz here if you’re interesting in getting some extra knowledge.

Aha, They Made A Mistake! It Is My Duty To Beep Them

Nope, it’s not and some police officers have actually claimed that beeping your horn is a sign of road rage. But surely, that’s what it’s there for, we hear you protest? I use my horn to show my indignation at other drivers who don’t know what they are doing. Nope, your horn is only to be used to tell drivers you are there. For instance, a driver might be pulling out of a road ahead. If they haven’t turned their head towards you and you think the distance is too small, give a quick beep.

I’m Smarter Than Speed Cameras

Don’t be so sure because tech has improved over the years. For instance, you can no longer trick the camera by changing lanes halfway through. Nor can you count on the camera flashing if you get caught speeding. It is also not possible to travel so fast that the camera doesn’t pick you up. Believe us, this idea has been attempted, and all that happens is you get a rather hefty fine. One thing that is true is that a lot of speed cameras aren’t actually recording. Instead, they are just there for show.


Satnavs Effect Insurance

Okay, the final myth is actually partially true. There has been limited evidence that satnav companies have passed on data about users to insurance firms. So, if the satnav records you going 120 MPH your insurance could go through the roof. However, this is a breach of privacy and therefore if you find your insurance premium is too high, ask for evidence why this is the case. If they can’t provide any, they should admit defeat and lower the premium. Odds are they were using data obtained illegally to calculate your insurance cost.

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