Jaguar: UK’s top automobile

The Jaguar Land Rover Ltd is a multinational automobile manufacturer based at Whitley Coventry, England. Originally, it was founded in 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Company owned by Sir William Lyons. Their main product was a motorcycle sidecar, back when passenger cars were not yet prevalent.

Curiously, its name was changed in World War II because the initials of the original brand read SS, the same initials of the most ruthless Nazi security force. Since 2008, it became a subsidiary of the Indian Tata Motors.

2014 Jaguar XKR-S GT-3

In September 2013, Jaguar has made an official statement about opening a research and development center in Warwick, United Kingdom worth US $160 million. Over a thousand academics and engineers have been slotted when the facility becomes operational after its construction in 2014.

Jaguar cars have a reputation for being too luxurious for ordinary people. This particular connotation takes root to the fact that its design exemplifies elegance and high-quality engine performance. The fact that Jaguar Land Rover has made cars for the royalty and some key members of the House of Lords also adds to that protracted prestige. But contrary to popular stereotypes, Jaguar cars are accessible to commoners who can afford it. Some of these models really look good on certain locations in United Kingdom.

Where in UK should you ride your Jaguar?

Flashy cars do not always look good anywhere. There are certain aesthetic standards to satisfy whenever someone chooses a style from any Jaguar models. The environment also plays a crucial role in making one’s Jaguar car look cool, or making the driver look cool in his or her Jaguar car. There are certain places in UK where some models look good.

1. Post World War II models always look good when cruising around the tranquil county towns of England like Nottingham or Hereford. The periodic Mark V and its classy roofless XK120 are thematic of England’s green and well-trimmed towns that still exude an aura of class in the typical Edwardian-Victorian suburb. In the crowded metropolitan areas of London, these models appear to be out of its proper place especially with an assorted presence of contemporary styles. See a full list of models sold in North America at Reedman-Toll Jaguar.

2. Jaguar saloons are neat and simple-looking. It easily fits in with the rest of the four-wheeled plethora drifting in the metropolitan roads. Cars like XJ6 look inconspicuous when parked around the urban environment London, Edinburgh, Vancouver, or Quebec. Its framework is very casual but it has its own innate sleekness that people would admire after an extensive look.

3. Jaguar supercars or sports cars are among the hottest automobile styles in modern times. Their framework is itself an embodiment of sophistication and they have speed levels that dazzle car enthusiasts into euphoria. Cars like XJ220 may have a hard time fitting into a very jam-packed metropolis. Sports cars like XJ220 and XK8 need to be located at sunny English cities like Sydney and Canberra to accentuate its daylight luster. It is fitting to ride these cars at level highways that seem to stretch an eternity, like going cross-country around Canada.

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