Nissan plans on selling Infiniti models in Japan

Today we bring some rather interesting news from Nissan as they have revealed plans on selling Infiniti-badged models at home in Japan. It’s the first time in Infiniti’s existence when they will have their own cars available for sale at home in Japan. This move is a response to the increasing popularity of premium cars in Japan, a market where the German marques are doing very well in terms of sales so as you would expect Nissan wants to get into the action and make a nice profit out of it.


The first Infiniti-badged model to be sold in Japan will be the Skyline which is essentially the Q50 but with the different moniker. The car is going to be made at a facility in Tochigi Prefecture and will allegedly go on sale this winter. Interestingly, Nissan doesn’t plan on opening up Infiniti showrooms as they will sell the Skyline at existing Nissan dealerships.

Source: Nissan

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