Telltale Signs Your Car Needs A Repair

Do you know when your car needs a repair? If the answer is yes, then we must ask how. That’s the question we want to answer. Believe it or not, no breakdown happens randomly. There were signs and you just missed them.

If you can spot the signs that there’s something wrong with your car you can fix it before further problems develop. We think if there is a problem with your vehicle these are the warning lights that will be there but you might miss.

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Tyre Pressure

You should check your tyre pressure every time you use your car. A good kick to each tyre will do the trick. Or, you might want to think about getting a better quality of tyres on your vehicle. Tyres are important for providing grip on the road. If the treads on your tyres are starting to wear away, you need to replace them. Otherwise you will start feeling the car slip as you turn corners and you don’t want that, trust us. You might also like to use a pressure gauge to check your tyres but as long as there isn’t any give in them, they will be fine.Don’t worry about a flat either. They aren’t subtle and you will always feel it when you try to drive the car.

Changing The Oil

The oil in the engine needs to be checked every fourteen days. You only need to check the amount using the dipstick. There should be a mark on the dipstick where the oil usually comes up to. That’s where you want the fresh oil to be when you check it. If you look at the oil and there seems to be little bits of metal in it, that’s a bad sign. Essentially what it means is that part of the engine isn’t meshing together properly. Instead something in the engine is grinding on another part, damaging it. You need to get this issue checked out immediately without delay.

Whistle While You Drive

Have you ever heard a whistling noise while driving? That’s most likely a small hole in your windscreen. It’s not a major problem but it can easily grow into one. You should have your windscreen checked for cracks. Auto glass repair services can be found online and should fix the issue for you at an affordable price. But, you do need to get it mended quickly before the crack grows if you want a low cost.

Burning Rubber

Or metal, or fumes, anything really. If you smell burning while driving in your car it’s important that you take it in right away. This usually points to a problem with the exhaust or the engine. Either way we imagine you’ll find yourself stranded at the side of a road very soon.

Screeching Brakes

Lastly, screeching brakes are annoying but they are also a warning sign your car is no longer safe. Screeching brakes usually mean that the pads are not connecting properly. If that’s happening your brakes are weakened and you won’t be able to stop as quickly.

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