Dodge Dart R/T to be released in 2013

The Dodge Dart R/T is a brand new model that will be released October 2012 in the show rooms for the people to admire and will be released for purchasing lately in 2013. This car is an amazing model that will have  a price being $23, 290. This car has a horsepower of 184-hp. It will be available in a variety of colors that will blow your mind away. These stunning colors will surely make your Dodge Dart R/T stand out from all the other cars driving on the road. The various colors are Header Orange, Laguna Blue, True Blue Pearl, Blue Streak Pearl, Bright White, Pitch Black, Maximum Steel Metallic, Citrus Peel Pearl, Redline Red Pearl, Tungsten Metallic, and Bright Silver Metallic.

The amazing interior features of the vehicle are the lights in the highlights of the interior design. This car has an amazing stereo system that features AM, FM, Mp3, and CD player. It also keeps you updated on the weather, sports, and movies with the help its navigation system. You can also listen to music of your own choice by connecting your iPod or phone to the USB port. It also has wheel controls that allow you to keep your eyes focused on the road, which helps to prevent accidents from occurring. Another interior feature includes an advanced communication system that allows you to make calls and accept them with the help of voice activation or Bluetooth integration. The Uconnect Phone is an amazing feature involved in the interior of the car and really helps to make the car stand out from all the others.

The Dodge Dart R/T is the first Dodge car to use the grille shutter system. This system reduces heave by transmitting the flow of air around the front and down the sides of the vehicle which helps to create a smooth presentation while driving this fancy car. These shutters will open and close on their own based on the speed of the vehicle and engine temperature. The shutters will instantly close when driving at highway speeds and the shutters will open when pulling a trailer or driving in hot weather. The MultiAir Technology is also included which has power over the taking in of air depending on the specific driving circumstances and commands given by the driver and engine control system. This technology distributes the most advantageous ignition at any pace under all driving situations. MultiAir helps to improve uniqueness, reduce carbon dioxide emanations, and to increase low engine torque.

The exterior portion of this model includes even better features than what the interior had. The exterior features include a Parkview back up camera in the rear. Parking a car can always prove to be a challenge but with the help of the Parkview rear back up camera you won’t have any difficulties because when you car is moving in reverse the Uconnect will show a picture of the environment behind your car and will help you avoid hitting any cars or any civilians and help you park your car safely. This car is simply amazing and if you are thinking about buying a new car you should definitely think about this one because it could really change your life.

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